While other graduates are chasing nine to five jobs UZ graduate Tinotenda Pasipanodya is following her dream of teaching other young people how to earn from their online presence, here is a story of how she started and where she is now.

Intros are clichés, can you introduces yourself to everyone and give us a little background

My name is Tinotenda Pasipanodya aka Tino Sparks. I’m in my mid-twenties and I studied Public Administration at the University of Zimbabwe.

I was born and bred in Mutare , Zimbabwe but I would call myself “The Citizen of Africa” because I have stayed in Mutare, Kwekwe, Chivhu, Marondera, Harare, Masvingo , Midrand (South Africa) ; Hazyview (South Africa) ; Burgersfort (South Africa); and I’m yet to visit other African cities to change African Initiatives through Youtube videos.

How is it being a Zimbo in SA?

In my experience, being Zimbabwean in South Africa is amazing. It is home away from home. I’m passionate about cultural diversity and being here makes me feel no different from a Venda in Beitbridge Zimbabwe. We are one people.

How enthusiastic were you to start a YT channel?

Starting Youtube was simply following a dream. I had always wanted to be on camera ever since I was in Primary School. At some point in my life, I did modelling and acting to fulfil my passion. Starting a Youtube channel was and is still exciting. This time I get to be the only character, the only person in my production crew and I get to write and direct my script the way I want to… AMAZING!

The first challenges you stumble upon?

Vlogging is not very common in Africa. Picking up the camera and start talking to people that my friends and family didn’t see made them think I was getting a mental disturbance. At some point I was advised to seek psychiatric help. So vlogging when I started was hard but I decided to develop a thick skin and do what I love anyways.

Why making money online?

Okay first things first. The unemployment rate in most African countries is relatively high. We live in a time where even with accredited university degrees, it is no guarantee to get a job. Moreover the COVID 19 pandemic has proved necessity of making money online since many businesses have shut down, leading to a higher rate of unemployment. I come up with business initiatives or ideas that one can do from their homes so as to earn a living.

Moreover with the rise of the E-economy, it is only ideal for one to equip themselves with relevant knowledge on how to earn money through online methods. This contributes to the attainment of financial independence of the African being which in turn will reduce cases of social issues like theft, drug abuse, and prostitution, etc.

How do you even start creating content?

Creating content for me is easy. I test legitimacy on apps or websites first before I share with my YouTube family. I do this because the internet is a pool of money scammers and I would want to only share legit information that will help transform a life . So creating content for me is more like sharing my experiences I have had with online money websites with my YouTube family.

Mistakes you made as a young YouTuber?

When I started I wanted to follow the trend since most YouTubers were creating content on hair and makeup. That was a huge mistake. I had not learnt and understood that it is okay NOT TO FOLLOW TREND. It is okay to be yourself and one is only able to create amazing content in their most comfortable state.

Your biggest videos has over 100k views, how did you manage that?

I’m surprised that the video that almost never went up on my channel is the one that blew up. With my “How to make R500 in a day during the lockdown”video I realised that creating content that people can relate to is key. The video was completed during the lockdown where people had no clue on how they would survive with slashed down salaries because of the pandemic. The relief that came with the video is that one is actually able to put food on the table despite the lockdown by doing online surveys; brought much traffic to the channel. The video has 102k as we speak and it is the video that has generated most of my income.

What equipment do you use and what software do you work with?

I use my iPhone 6s and Nikon S8200 camera for filming. As for my additional equipment that I use when filming is rightlight, Lapel mic, Flexirodtripod, Tripod stand.

For the editing applications I use vllo on my iPhone and filmora 9 on my laptop

Heartfelt message to someone contemplating of opening a channel?

The right time to start is right now. It doesn’t matter what you have, you might not have the best video quality but just do it. You will learn and upgrade as you go. And remember the sky is your only limit. Spread your wings and fly.

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  1. Amazing , keep the fire burning T Sparks, I learnt a lot from this, you can do greater than the world can imagine

    Uncle Kay

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