Steamy Sex Romp With Churchmate Lands Polygamist In Hospital

A Bulawayo man was admitted to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) after he reportedly fainted during a  steamy sex romp with his lover-cum-churchmate at a city lodge.

Cephas Madziro, who is also a member of a popular Apostolic sect is alleged to have passed out during a steamy sex romp with Mai Manyange from Old Magwegwe.

He is reportedly battling for life at Mpilo Hospital.

According to B-Metro, on the fateful day, Madziro phoned Mai Manyange and they met in town before they proceeded to a lodge in Northend suburb. During the act, Madziro started feeling dizzy before he suddenly collapsed and fell off a bed.

Out of panic, Manyange is alleged to have alerted officials at the lodge who later phoned an ambulance that ferried Madziro to the hospital, where he spent about a month in the ICU.

Madziro is alleged to have collapsed after engaging “himself beyond the limit of sexual frenzy” and is also suspected to have taken one too many Viagra pills to keep him going.

A relative who spoke on condition of anonymity revealed that Madziro came out of the ICU two days ago (Tuesday) and he is struggling to speak and as a result, they are still finding it difficult to know what exactly transpired on that fateful day.

Apparently, both Madziro and Mai Manyange are members of the Johanne Marange Apostolic Church and Madziro is reportedly married to four women while Manyange’s husband reportedly passed on five years ago.

The relative also revealed that Madziro was close to Manyange’s late husband as they came from the same area in Manicaland Province.

“Madziro was close to Manyange’s late husband as they came from the same area and he exploited the opportunity by falling in love with his wife,” said the relative.

The matter is now before the two’s church elders and they are currently waiting for Madziro’s discharge from the hospital to know what exactly transpired.

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