Shocker As Man Proposes Love To His Sister, ‘Rapes’ Her Several Times

A 30-year-old Harare man is currently on the run after he reportedly proposed love to his 15-year-old sister before raping her several times.

The accused person is the complainant’s brother.

The complainant and the accused were at their place of residence when the accused person reportedly proposed love to the complainant who in turn agreed.

The accused then entered his room, called the complainant and when she came in the room the accused person reportedly pushed the complainant to his bed.

The accused removed his victim’s pants and had sexual intercourse with the complainant once without her consent. After the act the accused person ordered the complainant not to tell anyone and she complied.

On the 22nd of June around 0400hrs the accused person knocked on the complainant’s door, woke up the complainant and asked her to escort him to his friend’s house and she agreed.

When they arrived at the said friend’s house, he opened the door and there was no one inside.

Whilst inside, it is further alleged that the accused person asked the complainant to enter a certain room, upon entering he pushed the complainant onto the bed removed her pants and had sexual intercourse with the complainant once without her consent.

After the act the complainant went home and did not tell anyone about the act. On the 24th of June 2021 around 1400hrs at their place of residence, the accused person dragged the complainant in an unroofed room and reportedly fondled complainant’s breasts.

The complainant’s mother arrived and caught the accused person in the act, he then left the room. Complainant was asked by her mother what was going on but she did not respond .

The mother told the siblings’s  father who then threatened to assault the complainant but she only stated that the accused person fondled her breasts .

On 26 June 2021 the complainant came to the Waterfalls police station in company of her father. After being interviewed by a police officer, the complainant narrated the whole issue of rape.

The complainant was referred to Edith MSF Clinic for medical examination.

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