Corruption Accused Top Police Officer Vows To Go After Whistleblower

Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Officer in Charge Mvurwi, Inspector Shakeman Dzongera, who is accused of engaging in and fuelling corruption has vowed to go after whistleblowers.

Dzongera denies engaging in underhand dealings and is of the view that the objective of “whistleblowers” was to soil his image. Speaking to Bulawayo24, Dzongera said:

I am surprised because this is my first time hearing such things and I am not even aware of such malicious allegation against my character and I’m quite concerned and I’m going to dig that whoever is trying to sell my image.

Dzongera is accused by his junior officers of soliciting bribes and pocketing all the money.

Junior officers who spoke to this Bulawayo24 alleged that Dzongera recently pocketed US$2 000 from a truck that was nabbed at a roadblock carrying 6 000 bottles of illicit beer. Said the junior officers:

We are not happy with our Officer In Charge who recently released a Fuso truck that carried 6 000 bottles of illicit beer and released it on $2 000 bribe which he all pocketed alone.

It is further alleged that he was getting bribes from “corrupt” Mvurwi council officials while giving them protection so that they could not be put in police cells.

Bulawayo24 further reports that the corrupt officials were recently arrested by newly transferred police officers but Dzongera told them to attend court from their homes.

The junior officers also accused Dzongera of abuse of office by assigning his allies to a roadblock and in return, they give him US$15 per shift.

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