VP Chiwenga, who is also the Minister of Health and Child Care, was the first Zimbabwean to receive a jab of the vaccine locally two weeks ago when the Government began the first phase of an elaborate vaccination programme aimed at achieving a 60 percent herd immunity.

Speaking to journalists at his Kaguvi offices this morning, VP Chiwenga urged the rest of the citizenry to take up the jab when an opportunity is presented.

“I didn’t feel anything at all and I am okay. As you have seen I am working and I am fit 100 percent.

“There is nothing wrong with this vaccine, the vaccine is intended to save lives,” said VP Chiwenga.
 Comrade Chiwenga’s condition after taking the Chinese jab will go a long way to encourage those who are afraid to take the medication. 

Commenting on the Issue Dr Chiratidzo Mativenga practicing in the United Kingdom has urged the people of Zimbabwe to take this vaccine without hesitation.

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