He is the founder of Vortex Films which is also a content creation company that specialises in music videos, TV shows and corporate ads. His name is Emmanuel Michael but is well known as Director Manny. Director Manny is a Zimbabwean based creative director and producer of music videos.

Director Manny

He first realised his passion for producing and direct music in 2016 and he has been pursuing the the passion eversince.

““I started in 2016 when realised that I have a passion to produce and direct music. Apart from music I have also the desire to direct film. I believe we need to emulate local talent at whatever costs.” 

Director Manny has been inspired by how filmmaking can tell a story and its power and potential to change the world. With the local industry, he has seen some marked development in terms of music videos and he pointed out how the industry is now moving forward in the terms of international recognition.

“”In our local industry, l see its growing as some of our content is now being showed on channels like Trace Africa and yes, the growth in visuals helped to move the industry forward as we now being noticed with other countries and our artists are now even getting opportunities to feature with international artists””

He also believes in the need to emulate local artists at whatever cost. Director Manny feels the need to promote local artists using the very best knowledge people hold so as to produce quality productions. 

At the moment as his notion to support local artists, he is working on a music video called Canaan by Coco weAfrica featuring Crooger, two of the local artists who have been hitting the airwaves for sometime creative 

“”Of all the artists I’ve worked with, l enjoyed working with Coco WeAfrica (cocomaster) because he understands what you are trying to achieve and helps you to achieve it, l would say he’s also creative””

Director Manny seems to be determined to help the local industry and everyone is just anxious to see his great works. 

“”As a passionate, creative professional, l believe in putting my skill and innovation at the forefront of my work for all my clients to experience. The end result is coming up with ideas that really impress the audience.””

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