When Juzi was trending a few days later replies flood the timeline we tracked down one of the artist goes by name phiA we wanted to understand her and who she was before that. This a her story of being a youtuber and music artist

Newsflash : Who is Phia?

phiA is Sophia Tatenda Masunda a 23 year old lady inspired by everything art , I started music back in 2016 but have been on and off because of school. I’m currently doing my honors in media studies at Great Zimbabwe University

When did you start being a content creator?

I started doing makeup tutorials when I realized I was a consumer of YouTube tutorials but I couldn’t relate with the content because the youtube industry is mainly dominated by content creators living in Europe and other parts of the world, I thought I should also chip in a help bridge the gap and create content that resonates with Zimbabweans while using locally available products

How many tracks have you released so far?

I currently have 5 tracks to my name excluding covers and features
Umwe wangu
Late night
Sweet love

What made you reply to the Juzi song by Kae Chaps?

I am a fan of Kae Chaps and wanted to cover his track Makuhwa but was busy at the time, when he released juzi , it really resonated with me and the situation I was in at the time so instead of just doing a cover, I did a reply to the song

Challenges of being an artist and YouTuber you’re encountering?

The main challenge I face as a content creator especially in the make-up field is that the Zim make-up industry is still a bit behind hence there are less Zim-owned product features one can do. Paid partnerships work in favor of both the content creator and the ones receiving the content,, quality is prioritized.

In my current situation I end up doing just everyday glam to cater for the small audience I have gained so far knowing very well that I can be more creative.

phiA conducting make up tutorials

Equipment you use to create your content?

Hehe im probably the smallest YouTuber you have ever met..
I use natural light , and my phone to film
Then edit using mobile apps on app store

What does the future hold for as Music artist?

The future looks promising and as I approach the end of my honors degree I think I will have ample time to perfect my craft and give the music industry more of phiA music.
I am planning on releasing an EP later this year ,accompanied by videos and cool features too

Her Music

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