An important notice from the Registrar on the collection for Passports.

Lately, it has been very hard for one to acquire a passport in Zimbabwe. They have been taking long overdue to be released or ready for collection. This has been caused by lack of the right equipment since they have been reports that, there is a loss of stationary.

It was now taking a year or more for a passport to be processed. Even the emergency ones had drastic delays. By the introduction of the US dollar in Zimbabwe, people were now asked to pay in foreign currency to get their passports processed very fast.

Even on collections, one was asked to pay an extra charge. This brought a huge blow to the citizens for some could not afford the money that was charged. Which led to a number of Zimbabweans citizens sacficing to travel to other countries without necessary documents.

The ones in the foreign already have found it also harder to replace the expired ones. Which resulted in them opting to living without or look for those professionals in making bogus ones.

However, the Registrar (Mr. Tonderai Taderera) has announced on the 12th of March that those who applied for Passports for the period 2019 and 2020 can now collect their Passports as from the 15th of March.

The good news in this is, the collection doesn’t require any additional charge at all regional offices. For further information, please contact the numbers below:

+263 242 702295
+263 242 792 751
+263 71 6353 442

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