By Tawanda Chari

It’s not always about war when you hear the name Gze. Here is a review of his latest drop featuring Flame.
“Solution iri mu dialogue kwete ma riots,mira kukanda tear gas, just hear us”.
Gze goes conscious in a Love Song for the nation and ponders the implications of every Zimbabwean’s actions when it comes to national politics in an attempt to find a solution or/and solutions that is within every Zimbabwean.

He vividly describes the situation the country is facing from the struggling populace to make ends meet to a struggling economy.

Featured on the song, Flame’s unequivocally beautiful vocals on the hook gives the song a soulful feel.

“Kandai pasi, mapanga nematemo
pindai ghetto, inzwai zvichemo”

You can listen to the song using the link below

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