A married female student at Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) has counter-sued a senior lecturer for $5 million for alleged pain and suffering over sexual harassment, with the lecturer having already sued her for defamation damages of $3 million over allegations that he had failed her for spurning his advances. 

The double legal battle involves Ms Nomsa Mwashita, a Bachelor of Education student, and lecturer Dr Tapiwa Mudyahoto.

She initially failed the examination, and made the allegations. 

The examination was remarked by external examiners who, says Dr Mudyahoto, agreed she had failed. She then says there was another remark, and this time a pass grade by external examiners. 

The allegations and counter allegations are now in court. 

Dr Mudyahoto last December filed a $3 million defamation suit against Ms Mwashita, alleging that she had defamed him by making false allegations that he had engineered her failure to pass a module taught by the lecturer after she had spurned his love advances.

However, in her counter-claim for compensation lodged with the Masvingo Civil Court on Tuesday, Ms Mwashita, who is represented by Dube-Banda, Nzarayapenga and Partners, said she was unfairly traumatised by Dr Mudyahoto and should be the one to be compensated. 

In her claim, Ms Mwashita dismissed Dr Mudyahoto’s initial suit for defamation damages, saying the lecturer should prove his claims in court.

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