A sub-genre has merged within the Zimdancehall fraternity it’s taking the nation by storm with its own set of riddims and patois being the main language used in chanting. We got the chance to speak to the leading voice of the helmet movement

MM : Who is Dashocca and how did your music journey start

Dashocca real name Eric Takudzwa Gasa born and raised from the Garrison of Highfields early 90s, started my musical journey as far as I can remember; probably at the age of 7

MM: What is the Dancehall Helmet movement we understand you’re the leader voices , whats different from the Zimdancehall?

Helmet / Dancehall is Just two different words meaning one thing; Helmet is Dancehall and from this Genre commenced way back before other Genres like Zimdancehall and the likes of Urban Groves were created this movement was there, From the days of the great Godfather Jah Billiard, Elder Jacky Bango stereo 1 sound to mention but a few dated back in early 90s. Dancehall movement had started a few years back by then and till now it’s just us picking up from the pieces which other Dancehall Gurus left for different social reasons.

And the difference between Zimdancehall and Dancehall (Helmets) mainly is from the Beats (instrumentals) and Language. Dancehall is a Borrowed international genre for which it is international and our Vernacular Language is not an international language which makes us inferior when use it in Dancehall culture, unless only if we break barriers to make other nations learn and love our shona language

MM : What was 2019 like for helmet movement?

Since we started this movement or per say since I started Doing Dancehall in my musical career 2019 was a breakthrough year for Helmets

MM: Who would be your ideal collaborators in 2020?

Definitely yes.
My ideal choice of Artists i would love to Collaborate with this year Locally is Takura and Maybe Freeman. Internationally I’m currently working with a couple of house hold names which in would not want to disclose yet for It is a year of surprises but one of them is 1MrSmooth from Jamaica

MM : Your Chronological background

From mi born outta mi mother belly in the early 90s. It all started when I was Able to pronounce words. I first joined My Nursery School Choir up to My primary Level I was always a part of quite a number of Musical groups then I stopped When I enrolled in my Secondary level although in My Church I was Active as a Bassist in Our Community church Circuit (United Methodist church). In my College years I joined an acapella group of Five Boys by the name Bridge5 which was strictly gospel music. Thereafter when One of the members Passed on and another one went abroad it was hard to fill the gap which was left, later on to find the three of us the remaining members drifting from the faith we once had hence Indulging in Club Night life where I and my Elder Brother by the name Dubiouz Made me to become so fond of Dancehall music and understand much more in terms of word play, jamaican patois Pronunciation, How to Build punchlines etc. than when I was growing up listening to The likes of Shabba Ranks, Ninja Man, Coco tea, Buro Banton, Buju, Capleton, Sizzla Kalonji to mention but a few.
My first performances honestly were not so good at all to an extent I thought to myself music for me, precisely Dancehall was not for me at all and I was better off in our little bedroom low quality studio and probably singing for a couple of people around my area whome believed in me before I even knew How to Build my own Self esteem. My first breakthrough in the community was When I Happen to find myself in a Compromising position whereby in the area Artist On the Rise at the Time ( Souljahluv ) passed through the Chillspot where I was Doing free-styling and He also joined in, some Fast thinking soul Grabbed a Camera and Recorded the session which later became so popular on Social media for it was Uploaded with Caption: Dashocca VS Souljahluv. Thereafter it never became a swift move to a Name on People’s mouths whenever Dancehall concerns. I spend a few more years doing Ups and downs working under the label Legacy int led by MARCUS MAFIA performing at different venues mostly uptown, one of the venues I performed was at Book Cafe When it was situated in Samora M Rd in the CBD Show Name #JIBiLiKA with the footage uploaded on my YouTube channel and Facebook page.
From there First time in Zimbabwe BUSY SIGNAL a Prominent Jamaican Artist when I was under the wing of Dhadza D was and still up to now my biggest Live stage performance with a crowd the size of two football pitches all at once responding to my act 😅.
Then after I moved to South Africa where I stayed for a couple of years doing Shows from Johannesburg, Pretoria and Frequently flying to Capetown where I was never really known but Always made sure to Leave a mark for myself and this now called the Helmet culture.

My Biggest achievement for now I would say is being noticed overseas with Prominent Labels and being Included in their Productions
Aicon Rec – Bad Cologne riddim
*Boobie Riddim which is Available on iTunes and Rated the best tune on the compilation amongst Artists like Teflon and

The La Pulga riddim made by Wallas Based in France and Marketed by Bashement Music South Africa which I later became part of after Shatta wale ft NC Dread, General Degree and Dashocca on it

Working with Artist like 1MrSmooth one of the baddest Vocalists in Jamaican now on a Project which is in my upcoming album.

Currently I’m now working under Audioplug Entertainment Group

Da Shoca performing

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