Industry and Commerce Deputy Minister dragged into equipment looting scandal. Bulawayo businessman Dharmesh Bhikha has approached the Bulawayo High Court seeking to stop Philip Ndlovu the Judicial Manager of Tilus Supermarkets, from disposing of the business’s assets to a company owned by Deputy Minister of Industry and Commerce, Rajeshkumar Indukant Modi.

Bhikha runs H Bhikha Enterprises trading as Tilus Supermarkets which is being run by Judicial Manager Philip Ndlovu.

The Judicial Manager is accused of having disposed of the property to Sai Mart, owned by Deputy Minister Rajeshkumar Indukant Modi, a close competitor to H Bhikha Enterprise Private Limited.

Industry and Commerce Deputy Minister dragged into equipment looting scandal

Modi yesterday denied that Sai Mart, officially opened in October 2020, ever received equipment from Ndlovu.

In his application papers filed through his lawyers Tanaka law Chambers on 14 April 2021, Bhikha cites Ndlovu as the 1st respondent. Stated Bhikha in the urgent chamber application:

Applicant is a shareholder and a creditor in the company, Bhikha Enterprises Private Limited and his interest stems from that position.

Applicant was suspended from supervising the day-to-day activities of the company H Bhikha Enterprises Limited through Judicial Management process albeit retains of interest which clothes him with the locus standi.

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