Former ZANU PF legislator for Chivi South, Killer Zivhu, has told an unknown audience to “kill me already” after his car was allegedly torched last night. The incident comes shortly after Zivhu was involved in a road accident which he said was not natural. He claimed unknown assailants had tampered with his wheels.He posted on Twitter on Monday claiming that someone had set his car on fire. The convinced Zivhu said:

Last night they came ndokupisa Beiz yangu ye White iyo kupera yose chingondiurayayi henyu asi hakuna anorarama nokusingaperi [Last night they came and set my White Mercedes Benz on fire. Kill me already, but nothing lasts forever].

But why guys burning my car.

Zivhu was recalled from Parliament by the ruling party after accusations of violating the party’s code of conduct.

His dismissal from the party was preceded by his suspension, for violating the party’s code of conduct and insubordination after he called for dialogue between President Emmerson Mnangagwa and MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa.

He said he will continue ZANU PF’s development initiatives despite his dismissal and he has been praising President Mnangagwa at every chance, something that was viewed by analysts as a strategy to secure the president’s mercies.

Of late, Zivhu has been critical of his party, probably after realising he was never going to be readmitted into ZANU PF.

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