It’s true what they say if you look for something you don’t find it. You have to build meet a Zimbabwe YouTuber who is creating Afrocentric content for you and Africa.

Given a chance to introduce yourself how best can you do it?

My name is Rati, I’m 31 years old and I’m a multi potentialite. This means I’ve got a professional job but I use those same skills to be an entrepreneur and a creative.

Have you created content from a young age?

I only started creating content when I started traveling in my late 20s I regret not actually recording more of those adventures because I’m sure they could have helped someone out there. Both travel & career wise.

How did you stumble on YouTube and what made say I am going start my channel ?

I started my YouTube channel because I didn’t see anyone talking about the things I’m talking about and making them relevant to our country. Living in Zimbabwe and Botswana our countries basically cannibalize whatever is happening in South Africa. However it isn’t a one size fits all.

You’re a mixed content creator why?

I’m still starting out so I’m still finding my voice and solidifying my audience. Once that is done I can niche down into one specific niche market.

Which tools do you use to make content?

I use my iPhone 8+, iPhone 6s and an action 4k HD camera. I use VLLO and Canva to edit.

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