There is a new show that is promising to be entertaining in all things adulting. Titled ‘Threesome’, it is a collaborative podcast that was created by ZezuruRockstar, JT, Patience Musa, and Prayersoul, preliminary funded by the lovely Patience Musa and Prayer Soul. Zezuru came up with an idea then roping the other three who ready jump as there was a gap in adapting to adulthood in Zimbabwe.

This prominent podcast is something everyone should be ready for because it is bound to take everyone by storm. It is set to discuss all topics that are about adulthood. The topics will be about day to day adult life. Its target audience was set to be those who are 27 years old and above. It aims to bring Zimbabweans to a common ground of understanding in such a polarized environment, be it arts, politics and so on.

It is set to be broadcasted on YouTube. The episodes will be uploaded every week starting this upcoming week.

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