Meet Felix Chiota Founder & CEO of US-based flight school Chiota Aviation a Zimbabwean based in the USA who is running an aviation business is offering people in his community a chance to fly using his aircraft for 30 minutes. In the video above, Texas-based Felix Chiota of Chiota aviation said he is giving back to the community because someone once took a chance on him and gave him the opportunity to become a commercial pilot.

Originally from Zimbabwe, Felix always had an inexplicable affinity for flight, and dreamed of being an airline pilot. A family friend recommended several universities in the United States. However, he chose Baylor University because of their Aviation Science program, and he began in the Fall of 1995.

Felix credits his education in Zimbabwe giving him an edge in class, especially when it came to Aviation Calculus. He enjoyed Physics, History, Business, and Religion classes. He was able to use his mathematical talents to tutor fellow students, which helped pay for groceries, books, and other expenses.

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