One popular school of thought once said, ‘The higher you go, the cooler it becomes,’ and this is the case with Crooger who released ‘Ginde’ which features Asaph and Ti Gonzi.

The song gives an undoubtable impression of a revolutionary, uniting and game-changing collaboration. The title ‘Ginde’ suggests variety of meanings, and according to street lingo, it suggests ‘force,’ which is usually a result of several encounters of denial from various spaces of life. The masterpiece is structured in a relay that will blow the hip hop heads up without denial.

With a monster upbeat rhythm produced and mastered by Jonn The Producer and Rayo Beats respectively, Ginde is purely the hip hop we have been yearning for. ‘Who is the new school king, I don’t care about the title I only care about the title deeds’ goes Crooger to clear out that his ambition is not entirely focused on hip hop squabbles but an out and out hustler.

From social media reactions, The People’s Rapper (Asaph) is indeed at the helm, bossing hip hop in Zimbabwe. Asaph continues to prove that he is arguably the most complete and flexible rapper as regards his delivery and flow each time the baton stick is passed to him. Asaph shows that he is ready for the international market, forcefully claiming his king title in his impeccably fluent verse.


Crooger does the chorus in a catchy, aggressive manner which reveals the Shumba aspect in him, unlike previous projects such as “Ndomupei” and “Muteuro” which are mellow and chilled. He sets the mood right for ASAPH who decides not to live any stone unturned, alluding to the “Ginde” phrase.

T Gonzi

Some feel Ti Gonzi may not have executed his verse in his usual beastly manner but the HHYG boss had a fair run, giving the song a palpable balance and claiming his kingship in the breathtaking relay.

Out of interest Asaph endorsed his favorite chanters but interestingly left out Takura ‘talking hip hop, ‘king is me, talking Crooger, talking Gonzi and Peels, talking Rouckie, talking 98, Kikky, Tasha rest of y’all debate’. By fire by force Zim Hip Hop is here and alive.

Last but not least, HUGE credits to Jonn The Producer and Rayo Beats for the exquisite quality that the song possesses.

Listen to the song here and tell us what you feel

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