Another Njuzu video leaked, this time being B0NKED by another Ben 10. It never rains but pours for socialite Njuzu who have left social media up in flames after her leaked videos doing the adult game by herself. The socialite should be now worried because her videos are coming in thick and fast.

We went to bed last night with one video of her but as of now, we have five videos of her already and the day is not done. Njuzu, a Zim socialite who has taken social media by storm has disappointed fans after a leaked video having s.e.x with a guy who has a small dick.

The past few days have been Njuzu’s as s.e.x videos are being leaked and they are not stopping. Njuzu has big curves but the d!ck that is going inside her has disappointed a lot of guys on social media.

She sure has a lot of followers but her Ben 10 has no s.e.x moves at all. Guys are saying this guy wasted time on that big machine.

No one knows where these s.e.x videos are coming from but Zimbabweans on social media have been talking about Njuzu. Some are calling her a thigh vendor and some are calling her a victim of cyberbullying. Watch video below


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