By Farai Maguwu

On my own behalf and on behalf of the Citizens of Zimbabwe who agree with my views, I wish to categorically state that our Doctors and Nurses are dedicated professionals who continue to serve their country with diligence and much sacrifice whilst earning peanuts and often without protective clothing, equipment and drugs. They are modern day soldiers defending the nation with their bare hands.

Statements attributed to Mr Nick Mangwana, the government spokesperson accusing our Doctors and nurses of deliberately eliminating certain Covid 19+ public officials admitted in hospitals are shocking. These unfortunate views do not reflect our collective thinking as citizens and it is my sincere hope, do not reflect the thinking of the Government of Zimbabwe. Whilst the nation is grieving over the loss of key public officials, this is not the time to spread baseless conspiracy theories against health professionals. It is time for government and citizens to unite in fighting the pandemic.

We call on the government to hold Mr Mangwana accountable for his utterances which will no doubt cause alarm and despondency among the medical professionals. If there is any evidence to these claims, government must have investigated first and take corrective measures instead of feeding the public with rumors.The utterances, which are at crossroads with the encouraging public address issued by His Excellency, President Mnangagwa yesterday, will also reduce public confidence and trust in our medical professionals who will now be treated with deep suspicion. Utterances which may cause citizens to shy away from medical institutions can have devastating effects on public health and national security, especially at a time the country is battling the more aggressive second wave of Covid 19. At a time government should be encouraging citizens to immediately report any symptoms of Covid 19 to the nearest health facilities, it is disturbing that such a high ranking official cast doubts on our health professionals who need maximum support and encouragement as our front line workers.

Action must be taken without delay.

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