Gze dropped Fatality, a hard hitting diss track on Noble Stylez and ZimHipHop waited 5 days to get a response from the Masofa Panze word smith.

Here’s a breakdown of Noble’s The GZE Lecture:

Build Up.

For three days we all thought BlackPerl was the one going to drop a diss on GZE,except the Masofa Panze crew of course. The gimmick sufficed to be promo for Noble’s response track.He also went to social media 24 hours before releasing the track implying it was game over for GZE.
The only problem with promo for a diss track is subsequently under delivering which Noble not surprising but successfully did.

Beat Selection

That Quazor instrumental did not do the trick.It is actually a very good instrumental just not for a diss track that is supposed to end the rap game for a rapper like GZE.

Addressing Fatality

The most relevant factor of any response diss track is to address issues raised from the other party,in this case from team Southerton
Noble completely ignored what GZE said in Fatality. Whether or not that was a deliberate move from Papa is irrelevant.He needed to address all the important jabs in Fatality.

He did address one though,the urban groover one.

Where The GZE Lecture Lost The Plot
“ma metaphors ako icomedy mukadota”

Huge Mistake.Battle rap and diss tracks are very different.Noble took the the battle rap approach,clever wordplay but comedic still.Works for battle rap where there is a crowd cheering but not for a diss track, especially a response diss track.
I don’t think “ndachida kumbo kuitira tsiye nyoro but I think dzaiswa mascara” or “ndokugarisa mu dish semwana ari ku bhavha bhavha” are lines for a diss track.The writing just seems weak, because it took 5 days.

The 6 minutes line is dope, you gotta laugh at that and yet still just find it funny and not actually hard, for a diss track.


Remember MGK..?
That “you’re old” approach does not work anymore.Worse still if the person you’re telling that is an elite emcee and had just dropped a hard hit on you.

3.Dragging People That Have Nothing To Do With Your Beef

Albert Nyathi all over again.It was funny but that’s just all.Dragging Carl Joshua is a reach, and that kids bar was out of proportion and personal.Also do you even know why he doesn’t have kids..?.
What did B Sunna do though..?
Again,it was funny but not enough to end the game for anyone actually.


Noble Stylz is a top tier rapper, one of the greatest but he doesn’t sing and he doesn’t hit so that Dreezy comparison is far fetched.

5.What’s Wrong With Mapassa passa..?

Hip Hop is for all of us.Prezzo has a good thing going for Hip Hop and those shows are actually more beneficial to the culture than social media rants and memes.Just saying.

6.400 Barz n Running

He failed to properly address the weight and impact of GZE’s new project in comparison with his previous projects. Like, he was scared somehow to address this issue. Is 400 Barz N Running a flop? We did not get that.

7.Comparing GZE Female emcees

That works in general.This time it did not need to be said in that context, comes off as juvenile.


Papa can rap, excellent skill and technical ability.Impeccable delivery. He has the words, he has the gift, but simply lacks the bounce of the streets. His diss record is not a track you can easily replay. It does not possess a long lasting impression on a Listener who expected Noble to be scathing towards GZE. However, we still can’t take away Noble’s talent from him. He got that. He needed to be aggressive.

What This Means..

Papa lost this round, we really expected better from a rapper of his caliber and especially after all that promo.It was going to be hard to respond to Fatality,but this is a complete failure.
Three very good jabs on GZE the whole verse isn’t “Game Over” for any rapper in the game.

The battle is likely to go on. It will be interesting if GZE capitalizes on this to deliver another diss.

Anyway, thanks for the entertainment fellas!

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