A self-styled pastor, Christ Penelope who founded Seven Fold Holy Spirit Ministries reportedly farts on his congregants as a healing process that cures all spiritual and physical problems.

Pics: Shocker As Pastor F_arts On Congregants, Claims It’s A Demonstration Of God’s Power

The Pastor from Giyani, Limpopo gained viral attention after his photo made rounds on social media.

n the viral photos shared online, Pastor Christ Penelope of Seven Fold Holy Spirit Ministries was seen sitting on his congregants’ faces and allegedly farting on them.

However, the pastor has defended himself saying it is the demonstration of God’s power after he was accused of hiding behind religion to perpetuate his uncalled-for actions.

In an interview with Drum, Penelope said the demonstration of God’s power started with Jesus when he stepped on Peter.

Penelope also said God did what he wanted with the body of Adam while he was on the ground in deep sleep adding that when someone is in that state of consciousness, you can do anything with their body.

After stepping or sitting on the congregants whilst they are in ‘deep sleep’, Penelope claims when the congregants wake up, they say they didn’t feel anything.

The man of cloth said it is the demonstration of the power of God and those who needed healing are healed afterwards.

Ghgossip reports that Penelope also said he was not disturbed by what people said about him arguing that God is happy with him because he is winning souls into the kingdom

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