Ray Vines’s Ghetto 2 Sabhabha tells a story of the aspirations of every ghetto yut. Which is to make it out of the hood. The 10 minute extended skit shows the unique creativity of Ray Vines and the Mukukuzvi crew. Ghetto boys are known to be hustlers and confident and Ray Vines perfectly delivers that from outsmarting Boss John to be his daily runner and creating a rift between Johns wife and sister.The soundtrack is a sample of Muteuro by hip hop heavyweight Crooger and Holy Ten’s breakout single Ndaremerwa. Not forgetting the beat which pays homeage to Godo by Winky D. The witty dialogues are exchanged amongst the characters , fusing the hip hop sound but maintaining Ray Vines comedy element.

Its safe to say Ray Vines continues to tap into his creative space and deliver.History is being rewritten in amazement and comic relief


Beat       9/10

Lyricism     7/10 

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