Life teaches us a lot of lessons and it was just his turn to learn one and create a brighter future for himself. Terence Maposa was not into farming at first. With an educational background that wanted him to be a politician, life after graduation was proving to be quite hard. Not only did he land a job with a furniture company, but at one point he went for 3 months without his salary. That was definitely a turning point for him.

At some point he had told his friend that he was meant to live on a salary because he was not good at doing business. His own words haunted him like a plague as they rang in his head. Having his own mother buy him groceries whilst he was helping was not helping with the situation at all. But for him enough was enough and it was time to take action. After receiving his salary of 4 months, he decided toventure in the poultry business. However bad luck was on his side when the supplier sold him 400 roosters (Machongwe). Due to his inexperience in the business, he only noticed it after 6 months.

As if that was the worst of his problems, his fears chocked him daily. He thought of whether he was going to meet the demand and actually sustain it. Even being called the Chicken guy tormented him for a while. However his journey continued as he decided to venture into crop farming. This was due to the expensive stock feeds he was buying to feed the chickens. Farming however was not something he was not familiar with since he grew up in the rural areas. Farming maize, sorghum, millet, soya and sunflowers is a lasting solution for any farmer so as to reduce stock feeds costs.

Roadrunner business is on the rise as players are still very few. Until the suppliers can flood the market with roadrunner meat, export eggs and chicks, the industry is still considered young.Terence plans to supply large numbers of roadrunner meat from June this year. His Machiavelli Organic outlets are still in the making but promises that the dream will soon become reality. He focuses on 6 breeds that is theBlack Australorp, Koekoek, Light Sussex, Kuroila, Jersey Giant and Buff Oppington. These are best known for good layers and good meat. With these combinations, he plans to produce the best productsand earn a living out of it.

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