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So allow me for a second to understand some stuff. Saba had material that leaked probably last year if not 2013. Yall playing judge jurry executioner because of his Christian background. WHO EVER SAID CHRISTIANS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SEXUALY EXPRESS THEMSELVES

Let’s hypothesize for a second probably the lady was his ex-wife was it wrong. If it wasn’t the wife as most are saying then ummm only the lord knows. For all we know judgement if that of the lord and i can never justify nor crucify him. The problem is we tought to not engage in sexual activity to doctrine up to a point evil where the right feels bad. That accompanied by the conservative community we exist in no clarification is made up to a point where the term SEX in it self becomes sin

My concern however aint about Saba but how we have turned sexual affection to taboo. Some frown upon the idea to a point that even married people look at it as means to an end. The bible has got 3 if not 4 forms its frowns upon and for a reason. Songs of Solomon actual accommodates a couple of sexual serenades though you may dismiss it as the OT. In the new covenant the apostle Paul though celibate advocates for conjugal expression and at length explains the importance of sexual appreciation among couples. So imi pamakanzwa kuti bonde rakashata to a point of frownin and throwing stones ndepapi mybe bhaibheri rangu rakabvarurwa mapage

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