Youths will be prioritised when the Government begins redistributing vacant and underutilised land that has been identified through the recent land audit, President Mnangagwa has said.

In his eulogy at the burial of former Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Deputy Commissioner Moses Griffiths Mpofu at the National Heroes Acre yesterday, the President said the country should leverage on the legacy bequeathed by its heroes to create a prosperous future.

“I am aware that our youths are crying out for pieces of land and are eager to work the land,” he said.

“The inquiry we launched on agricultural land has identified lots of land which is vacant, underutilised and belonging to multiple owners.

“Government will repossess that land for on-leasing to the landless, foremost among them the youths.”

The land reform programme, said the President, must validate its justness by delivering to “this generation of youth”.

Youths are increasingly taking up farming as a full-time profession.

The President called on farmers to take advantage of this season’s good rains to grow the agriculture sector and the economy.

“The land must, therefore, be worked on, made to produce like never before,” he said.

“Meanwhile, my Government continues to build dams and to set up irrigation schemes designed to climate-proof our agriculture towards greater production and productivity in both lean and ‘fat’ years.

“This is more urgent and important as the ongoing trade on the Africa Continental Free Trade Area presents opportunities.”

The Government, through Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency (ZIDA) and ZimTrade, was developing and expanding existing export markets for agricultural produce.

Agriculture is a critical avenue to transform the country into upper middle-income economy by 2030.

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