Zanu PF on Friday accused MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa of making “veiled attempts to unseat a constitutionally elected government” a day after the opposition leader blasted President Emmerson Mnangagwa over “rising authoritarianism.”

In a virtual address Thursday, Chamisa charged that Mnangagwa was ramping up human rights violations and shutting down the democratic space in a desperate bid to create a one-party state.

But the ruling party hit back and urged its members to remain “vigilant” against a possible coup by the opposition leader.

“The revolutionary party has noted with contempt, the MDC-A veiled attempts to unseat a constitutionally-elected government following pronouncements by Nelson Chamisa during his hollow address of 09, March 2021, dubbed Agenda 2021,” Zanu PF spokesman Simon Khaya Moyo told a news conference

“Mr. Chamisa did not only fail to demonstrate leadership but failed to instill hope in his fractured party, instead, rumbling about establishing pockets of resistance across the country similar to the ill-fated 31 July 2020 demonstrations whose sole attempt was to destabilize the country.

“While Zanu PF has the capacity to thwart such machinations, as a law-abiding organisation, we rest the matter with the law enforcement agencies,” charged Khaya Moyo.

In his remarks, Chamisa said mass action now appeared to be the only language that Mnangagwa’s regime would understand, raising fears in Zanu PF he could be inciting a violent rebellion.

Khaya Moyo defended the government’s enduring crackdown on pro-democracy activists, students, and civil society organisations saying authorities were simply enforcing Covid-19 regulations.

“It is, therefore, not only preposterous but irresponsible to say the least for Mr. Chamisa and his lot to suggest or opine that our government is using Covid-19 to delay by-elections,” he said.

He called on Zanu PF members to remain “vigilant in the face of these renewed, sponsored regime change machinations.”

“Those who are tired of civil political engagement must stop venting out their frustration through experimenting with the country’s hard-won freedom, peace, and unity,” Khaya Moyo added.

Chamisa, who maintains the 2018 elections were stolen from him by Mnangagwa, says under the Zanu PF leader, Zimbabwe is in the throes of “rising authoritarianism” and gross human rights violations.

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