I am watching ZTV and people in Mberengwa are saying Senator SB Moyo who was also Foreign Affairs and International Trade Minister wanted to ensure a major road in Mberengwa is tarred and had promised lot of projects – he came from Mberengwa (MHDSRIEP).

By Farai Maguwu

But is this how a country must be run? That if someone gets a top post in government they concentrate on developing their home area using national resources. How about those regions which do not have a powerful son of the soil in positions of authority?

But more importantly, did SB Moyo really mean it? How did he want to do it? Command ZINARA through Joe Biggie Matiza to surface the road? SB was Minister for 3 years and why hasn’t the road works in Mberengwa started as yet? Was he selling snake oil?

Mberengwa is a poverty stricken district and yet it is not poor if we consider it’s natural resources. A google search on Mberengwa returned this: ‘Buchwa Mine, Vanguard Mine, Sandawana and C Mine are all in Mberengwa. It is known for its riches in minerals and fauna. Gold is mined at C Mine and other small claims mines scattered around Mberengwa.’ It is also famed for semi precious gems. What the people of Mberengwa need is to be allowed to use their natural resources for local development. But we are a looters paradise! Abundantly rich regions but with extremely poor people. Paradox of plenty / resource cursed nation where our abundance of natural resources is the main cause of our poverty. Leaders have stopped thinking of how to develop their country, instead they are thinking of how to loot, almost always!

In Mutasa – Makoni Districts, home of Defence Minister Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri and former Cabinet Ministers Patrick Chinamasa + Dydimus Mutasa + Simba Makoni who was a powerful ZANU PF Politburo member and finance Minister at one point there is a very important road which connect Nyabadza-Rugoyi-Gandanzara-Sherukuru-Watsomba. It stretches for about 100KM. Patrick Chinamasa, who was born paChinamasa in Ward 15, whose grandpa was a mudhibhisi there and whose father was a teacher at Bethania Primary, only migrated to his mother’s birth place at St Killians following the death of his Father in the 70s. Chinamasa still frequent the Chinamasa village to meet relatives or attending funerals, driving at 3-5KM per hour because of the state of the road. He remains very connected to his family.

I can’t over-emphasize the importance of that road. In some gvt documents that road was reported as tarred and yet it was never tarred. Many people in Mutasa and Makoni believe the funds for the construction of the road were stolen hence the claim that the road is tarred. DDF used to put gravel on the road but have since stopped, making it impassable.

I have just talked of the Watsomba Rusape road, but indeed the entire country has had its roads washed away by the rains over the years and nothing is being done to attend to this national shame. Tens of thousands of Zimbabweans are now failing to drive to their villages to meet loved ones because there are no more roads.

How must we approach the issue of road construction.
This must be the work of Ministry of Transport and not a powerful person coming from your area. Ministry of Transport and ZINARA must decentralize road construction and management of toll fees to provinces and districts. We can’t continue singing Zimbabwe is Open for Business when the whole country is impassable. Truth is Zimbabwe is closed for business because the transport system is dead.

Road construction must be an on-going activity, 24/7 and 365/6 days per year. Every year each district and province must be given a budget allocation for high quality road construction and the bidding process must be competitive. Every year each district must target construction / surfacing of certain KMs of road.

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