Police and the largest alcoholic beverage company, Delta Beverages, yesterday agreed that supermarkets and registered bottle stores should continue selling alcohol during the 21-day lockdown on condition it will not be publicly consumed.

People caught drinking beer in public places will be fined up to $500. The Police however, have insisted that drinkers should not gather in public places.for this might lead to the further spread of the Corona Virus.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police clarified on the issue of selling of liquor by supermarkets that have got exemptions and they allowed to sell liquor to members of the public for consumption, off-the-premises. The licensed bottle stores or outlets who offer off premises sales have been reminded to conduct their business according to Covid-19 guidelines.

Consumers are being the reminded that they are not allowed to assemble outside such premises or to drink while seated in vehicles as individuals or as groups. All purchased liquor should only be consumed in the privacy of individuals’ homes as outlined in the Covid-19 guidelines or exemption structures

The National Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said public drinking will attract a fine of $500. Members of the public found drinking beer outside supermarkets or in their cars will be arrested and dealt with according to the law with offenders being made to pay a maximum fine of $500. Individuals who access off-the-premise liquor sales are not allowed to conduct parties at home, invite friends to drink as groups or to operate shebeens during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

The Assistant Commissioner further pointed out how ther has been a significant increase in vehicular traffic in the afternoon, clealry showing how the public is defying the lockdown directive.President Mnangagwa last week declared a National 21-day lockdown to curb the spread of Covid-19 that will run up until April 16.

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